Getting to ISEA 2011: crunch time

I have been working on getting funds so I can attend the International Symposium on Electronic Arts 2011 for my scheduled Sept. 19, 2011 presentation Biosynthetics and Body – Machine. It’s a cutting edge conference and an opportunity to present my work on memristors, artificial synapses and brains, and cognitive entanglement. That last one, cognitive entanglement, is a concept I’ve developed and continue to work on. It is my contribution to the national and international discussion about nanotechnology and its possible future uses and social implications.

I have tried a number of ways to raise funds for this including posting a pitch on Crowdfunder, an all or nothing crowdfunding site. Sadly, I did not reach my target, which means the pledged money was returned to the funders. I also reached out to friends and supporters who have made many helpful suggestions, which I either couldn’t carry out (not enough time to throw a fundraising party, etc.) or which didn’t bear fruit (calling someone’s Ottawa contact and discovering that my project doesn’t fall into one of their categories, etc.).

So, if any of you have any ideas on how I might get to the conference at this late date (this time I can’t afford to self-fund), I would appreciate hearing from you.

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