Huge jump forward to invisibility cloaking device

This is pretty remarkable. Usually when researchers talk about invisibility cloaks, they’ve managed to cloak something that is measured at the nanoscale. Here they’ve (Fractal Antenna Systems Inc.) managed to cloak a person within a certain bandwidth,

The Nov. 16, 2012 news item on Azosensors provides more detail,

Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. today disclosed that it has successfully rendered a man invisible. The firm’s new invisibility cloak hid a subject named Peter at microwaves over a wide bandwidth at high fidelity. This is the first time any large object has been rendered invisible and the first time a person has disappeared from view using invisibility cloak technology.

Invisibility cloaks differ from other types of stealth or camouflage by diverting waves around an object. The opposing side is visible but the object is not. They are unpowered and passively convey that view.

The heart of the invisibility cloak is a close-spaced resonator arrangement made from almost 10,000 fractal shapes. Such shapes are built from simple patterns that are scaled. The human-sized cloak was configured as a large hollow cylinder with the cloak surrounding it as a thin shell. Subject Peter hunkered down inside to become hidden from microwave view, and thus realized a dream of countless generations–the quest to be invisible.

There’s more at Azosensors including an image and a history of invisibility cloaks. You can also visit the Fractal Antenna Systems Inc. website.

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