Tata Swach and its jaunty silver nanoparticle water purifier advertising campaign

The Nov. 19, 2012 news item on the Best Media Info Bureau website includes this advertisement which started airing on Indian television on Nov. 17, 2012,

Here’s a little more about the advertising campaign (from the news item),

Tata Swach Nanotech Water Purifier has launched a new ad campaign that emphasises on silver’s antibacterial qualities. The campaign showcases the advanced silver nanotechnology used by Tata Swach to enhance silver’s purification power without any use of harmful chemicals. The TV commercial has been created by DraftFCB+Ulka.

The TVC [television commercial?] began airing on major channels, including high impact properties, from November 17, 2012. The ad campaign will be carried across television, print, radio, online and social media platforms.

There is some mention of safety but it is focused on how silver nanoparticles make the water safer from bacteria and viruses and there’s no hint that there are concerns the nanoparticles themselves might present a problem.

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