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Head of Turkey’s R&D (research and development) agency says nanotechnology will continue as a main Turkish research focus

Given the recent international fascination with protests in the Turkish capital of Istanbul, it’s easy to forget that there are many other activities taking place in Turkey just as they always do. This July 18, 2013 World Bulletin news item is a reminder that scientific research and policymaking continue,

Turkey would not trail behind global developments in the area of nanotechnology, said Arif Adli, Deputy Chairman of Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

Adli said Thursday [July 18, 2013?]  nanotechnology is included among the eight major fields that research in Turkey is oriented towards.

“Nanotechnology has in recent years become a leading area in the world,” he said. “Turkey needs to keep up with this global trend.”

Turkey ranks modestly in terms of research in nanotechnology but has a number of notable research centers, Adli said.

“Turkey is in fact ahead of many countries, but is not at the same level as the US or Japan. …

There is a website/blog that features Turkish and international nanotechnology research and information, NanoTürkiye. It’s written mostly in Turkish but there is some information in English such as an embedded video in this April 16, 2013 posting about memristor research in Ireland. This site is maintained by Ahmet Yükseltürk, a graduate student at Turkey’s Bilkent University. Ahmet’s twitter handle is: @nanoturkiye or you can view his feed: https://twitter.com/nanoturkiye