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Automotive plastics that never wear out

Nanovere is a coatings company that makes big promises according to the Jan. 2, 2013 news item on Nanowerk,

Imagine for a moment a world were automotive plastics never fade, a self-cleaning wheel that resists brake dust, a self-cleaning tire that looks new for life, or a fiberglass boat that resists fading for life. These and other amazing benefits are now possible due to 10 years of research & development in nanotechnology.

According to Nanovere Technologies Chairman & Chief Technology Officer Thomas Choate, “Nanovere is pleased to introduce the world’s first Wipe-On clear nanocoating to exceed automotive OEM specifications. The product is named Vecdor Nano-Clear®. What’s most unique about Nano-Clear® is the ability to permanently restore original color, gloss and surface hardness back into oxidized textured plastics, highly oxidized fiberglass and highly oxidized paint surfaces while reducing surface maintenance by 60%.”

…  Nanovere Technologies has pioneered proprietary 3D nanostructured coatings at the molecular level since 2003. Nano-Clear® forms a “highly crosslink dense film with extreme scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, remarkable flexibility and self-cleaning properties including water, oil, ice and brake-dust repellency.”

(For those who are interested, there are more specifics about this wonder coating in the news item.)

In reading this I was reminded of a movie that I saw years ago, an Alec Guinness film, The Man in The White Suit. Here’s the synoposis from imdb.com,

An altruistic chemist invents a fabric that resists wear and stain as boon to humanity but both capital and labor realize it must be suppressed for economic reasons.

A very funny film released in 1951 it offers a trenchant commentary on why some problems are better left unsolved.