Nanotechnology Policy and Regulation Timeline for Canada, US, Australia, UK, and Europe

Thank you Andrew Maynard (2020 Science blog) for pointing me to this new living document published by the Regulatory Governance Initiative (RGI) at Carleton University. Properly titled as ‘Nanotechnology Policy and Regulation in Canada, Australia, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States’, the document’s chief researcher is Beth Dunning with Marc Saner as the Series Editor. (The group publishes other documents as well.)

The document provides a timeline for significant nanotechnology milestones such as the inception of the US National Nanotechnology Initiative and the 2004 report by Britain’s Royal Society as well as policy and regulation efforts. It is a designated ‘living’ document as the research team is inviting additions and changes to be submitted by email.

The RGI team has not yet included Health Canada’s ‘public consultation’ on their nanomaterials definition. I will contact them about the team at their email address ( <>) or maybe you’ll beat me to it. You can read more Health Canada’s consultation on my blog here.

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