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Gregor Wolbring’s blog name really does say it: Nano and Nano- Bio, Info, Cogno, Neuro, Synbio, Geo, Chem… The more I’ve investigated nanotechnology, the more I’ve come to realize that all the sciences are connected.

I have touched on human enhancement issues before (May 27, 2010 most recently) since prosthetics are increasingly made of nanomaterials. Coincidentally or not the notions about being human are changing as prosthetics become increasingly sophisticated and are seen as enhancements rather than as inferior replacements or aides.

This morning I found, on Gregor’s blog, a documentary movie trailer that raises some of these questions and which features him amongst other philosophers and grade schoolers discussing human enhancement. The movie is titled, Fixed,

From the About page on Gregor’s blog,

Hi everybody, My name is Gregor Wolbring. I am an Ableism ethics and governance scholar, a biochemist, ethicist, governance of science and technology scholar , ability studies and governance scholar, disability studies,health research, implications of Nanotechnology, Converging Technologies, Synthetic Biology scholar. Beside that I am interested in social entrepreneurship, working with youth, social implications, human rights.

As for the film, I found this (ETA Aug. 24, 2015: The link is no longer  anchored to a ‘Fixed’ webpage) at the University of California, Santa Cruz,

Fixed is a video documentary that explores the burgeoning field of “human enhancement” technologies from the perspective of individuals with disabilities. Fixed uses the current debates surrounding human enhancement technologies (i.e. bionic limbs, brain machine interfaces, prenatal screening technologies such as PGD or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, etc.) to tackle larger questions about disability, inequality, and citizenship. This documentary asks the question, “Will these technologies ‘liberate’ humanity, or will they create even more inequality?”

I wasn’t able to find much about Regan Brashear, the filmmaker.

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    Hi Gregor! Thanks for dropping by and I’m happy to do it. I think the work you do around opening up the discussion on what dis/abled means is important. Cheers, Maryse

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