Year of Science in the province of British Columbia

This is an initiative by the province of British Columbia announced by Premier Gordon Campbell on Sept. 24, 2010 (from the news release titled),

To inspire young minds across the province and foster a culture of research and innovation Premier Gordon Campbell today proclaimed the 2010-2011 school year as the Year of Science in B.C.

Premier Campbell was joined by Moira Stilwell, Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, schoolchildren, award-winning science students and science organizations at today’s event at Science World to officially launch the Year of Science.

“Labour market forecasts predict that by the end of this decade, three quarters of all future jobs in B.C. will need some post-secondary education, and many of the most interesting and well-paying jobs will need a solid understanding of math, sciences, engineering and technologies,” said Premier Campbell. “Through the Year of Science, working in partnership with leaders in the science community, our government wants to help B.C. families connect with the passion and exhilaration of science discovery, and call attention to some of the diverse and exciting career opportunities available through science right in their own communities.”

The Year of Science is a major cross-government initiative led by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development. The goal is to engage British Columbians, in particular young people, in science by showcasing how science works, who scientists are, the kinds of work they do, and why science matters in the everyday lives of British Columbians and the communities they live in.

“Science is about creative spirit and inspiration – about developing new knowledge – and the ability to turn knowledge into new and improved goods and services demanded by the global marketplace,” said Stilwell. “Through the Year of Science, we want to create a legacy that will continue to encourage a culture of innovation and research in B.C. and inspire young minds with the thrill of scientific discovery.”

The Premier unveiled phase one of the Year of Science website to provide up-to-date information about Year of Science events as the year unfolds. The site features profiles on businesses, science centres and B.C. science personalities who are shaping the face of science in B.C. Interactive games and activities will be added in October.

I checked out the Year of Science website and I’m sorry to say it looks like one of those websites that are good for you, something I call ‘spinach programming’. If I were borderline about the attractions of science, this site would not help. In fact, it might have the opposite effect intended.  Here’s sample text from the front page,

It’s important for PARENTS to encourage kids to explore the world of science.

Read more …

I don’t know how much a busy parent who’s made the effort to check out this site is going appreciate being harangued (full caps are generally considered shouting) to do more. On the optimistic side of things, it’s good to see the interest from the province and changing text from full caps to mixed case is an easy fix.

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