Latest MRS Science as Art images

The Materials Research Society (MRS) holds a “Science as Art” competition for its Spring and Fall meetings. First place and second place winners for the Fall 2010 meeting are being featured in a Jan. 22, 2011 news item on Nanowerk.  I’ve copied two images as a sampler of what you can find on Nanowerk.

Stem of nanoflowers. SThis picture is created from a high resolution SEM image of zinc oxide "nanoflowers" synthesized by a physical vapor deposition technique. (Image: Abhishek Prasad, Michigan Technological University)

Then there’s this one,

Aurora Zinc Oxide. This picture was created from the convergence of a high-resolution cross-sectional and a plan view SEM image of a zinc oxide "nanowall structure" synthesized by a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition technique. Color was added to the original image. (Image: Dong Chan Kim, Sungkyunkwan University)

Gorgeous, aren’t they? If you are interested in seeing of the “Science as Art” competition winners from all the years of competition, you can go here.

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