California’s call for information about nanomaterials

A little late but better than never, the US state of California has issued a call for information focused on analytical test methods, i.e., lab procedures for testing, nano silver, nano zero valent iron, nano titanium dioxide, nano zinc oxide, nano cerium oxide, and quantum dots. The deadline for a response is Dec. 21, 2011, one year from the date of the request. From the Dec. 27, 2010 news item on Nanowerk,

DTSC [Department of Toxic Substances Control] has conducted a search of known public sources for analytical test methods for these six nanomaterials. We have compiled our research in this bibliography. DTSC has also contacted and consulted with manufacturers, researchers, environmental laboratory experts, other governments, and stakeholders regarding analytical test methods for these nanomaterials in these matrices. We convened public workshops and symposia on nanotechnology and, in particular, these six nanomaterials.

From our research, consultations, and workshops, we have determined that little or no information on analytical test methods for these nanomaterials in the human body or the environment now exists. To better understand the behavior, fate and transport of the se six nanomaterials, appropriate analytical test methods are needed for manufacturers, for contract and reference laboratories, and for regulatory agencies.

You can get more information about the call from the DTSC site including a list of companies that received the ‘call for information’ letter.

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