Nano risk news and a nano haiku

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has published a new document on risk: Nanotechnologies — Nanomaterial risk evaluation (ISO/TR 13121:2011). From the May 17, 2011 news item on Nanowerk,

ISO/TR 13121:2011 describes a process for identifying, evaluating, addressing, making decisions about, and communicating the potential risks of developing and using manufactured nanomaterials, in order to protect the health and safety of the public, consumers, workers and the environment.

It’s just been released so I have not been able to locate any discussion about it yet. If you’re inclined to read it, the document (paper or PDF) costs 150 Swiss francs.

I got my NISE (Nanoscale Informal Science Education) Net (Network) newsletter a few weeks back and found this related item,

2011 Risk Science Symposium
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor will host the 2011 Risk Science Symposium on September 20-21. This symposium will bring together leading thinkers to explore new ideas on integrative approaches to health risks, uncertainty and innovation, as people look to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges in an increasingly fragile world.

You can also visit the NISE Net website here or Andrew Maynard’s (he will be chairing the symposium) 2020Science blog here.

Here’s the nano haiku for May 2011 (from the NISE Net newsletter),

Nano Haiku

Viruses align
Carbon nanotubes for the
Thinnest solar cell

by Anna Lindgren-Streicher of the Museum of Science, Boston.

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