It’s not just the size, it’s the shape of your nanoparticles

There’s an interesting piece on nanomedicine in Scientific American about some research that was conducted by chemistry professor Joseph DeSimone at the University of North Carolina (at Chapel Hill) about the most effective nanotransport for drug therapy. They concluded that the shape of nanoparticle used as the delivery system was an important factor in its effectiveness. There’s more here in an article by Larry Greenemeier.

Richard Jones, in his blog Soft Machines, offers his thoughts about the latest UK public dialogue programme about nanotechnology. This one focused on nanomedicine.  He first provides some information about a recent call for nanomedicine proposals, so keep reading if public dialogue is your interest. The full report for the public dialogue project that Jones mentions is here but if you’re short for time, read Jones’ posting.

Now back to my dissertation project, The Nanotech Mysteries.

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