Nanocoatings in the U.S. prison system

Apparently the US Federal Bureau of Prisons will be coating prison equipment with Nansulate. From the Nov.16, 2011 news item by Cameron Chai on Azonano,

Francesca Crolley, Industrial Nanotech’s Vice President of business development, said that recently, the company had worked with numerous correctional services to aid them with insulation, which meets the standards of a safe environment. Crolley defined that the Nansulate coating is a clean liquid-based insulation, which safely adheres to the equipment’s surface. Crolley added that the Nansulate coating used in a prison environment provides distinct advantages. Crolley also stated that the Nansulate coating can also be used to lower the temperature of hot surfaces and to enhance the equipment’s life by providing resistance to corrosion and moisture.

I found out a little more about Industrial NanoTech and its Nansulate coating on the company’s About page,

Industrial NanoTech, Inc. funds & participates in research with the world’s brightest scientists and leading laboratories. We produce materials that work for you… increasing productivity and efficiency. It’s not just talk and it’s not just theory… it’s amazing technologies.

…  Nansulate®, when fully cured, contains approximately 70% Hydro-NM-Oxide and 30% acrylic resin and performance additive. A liquid applied coating, it dries to a thin layer and provides exceptional insulation, corrosion protection, prevents mold, and prevents rust. Nansulate has proven to provide energy savings in a variety of industrial and residential insulation applications. Nansulate is also low VOC and environmentally friendly.

You can find out more about Nanosulate, which has its own website here.

I’ve included this bit about prisons and nanotechnology as I occasionally cover the military and police use of nanotechnology-enabled products and this fits in with that general theme.

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