Upcoming conferences in the Pacific Northwest

I love the name (or is it an acronym?) for this one, the Panomino 2008 meeting which will be held in Friday Harbor, Washington State from  Sept. 3-7, 2008. The full name is the Pacific Northwest Microsystems and Nanotechnology meeting and it’s co-sponsored by the University of British Columbia’s Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  The website for the meeting is here. The principal contact for the meeting is: Dr. Karen C. Cheung (UBC) at kcheung@ece.ubc.ca or +1 604.827.4114. This seems to be a scholarly meeting and the website doesn’t provide much info. about the presentations unless you’ve registered.

The other conference is the 5th annual Micro Nano Breakthrough Conference. This is being held Sept. 8-10, 2008 in Vancouver, Washington State. This one seems to be more business-oriented or as they put it “Science, Networking, and Commercialization…” I noticed that one of their keynote speakers is Dr. Mihail Roco who was instrumental in the development of the US’s National Nanotechnology Initiative.  More information about the conference is here.

In the next week, I’m hoping to post my interview with Darren Frew, Nanotech BC’s executive director, regarding his recent meePanoting  with a contingent of Indian scientists. Part of their cross-Canada tour to meet Canada’s nanoscientists, it was held August 10-11, 2008 at the Canada Institute of Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta.

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