The mysteries are almost ready

I’ve been working on my nanotech wiki (dissertation project called The Nanotech Mysteries: an initiation into the science and the technology) for the last few weeks and it should ready for showing after Labour Day (Sept. 1, 2008).

Here’s a sneak preview: I’ve got information about nanotech in pop culture, (Nano goes Pop) some of the science that underlies nanotechnology (The Science behind Nano), public engagement material and info. on public opinion polls (Can you hear me Nano Tech),  risks (Risks), and more. More specifically, I include materials on microscopy, physics, Atomistic philosophers, business interests, and the nanotechnology origins story. Plus, I was able to get some images including Winslow Homer’s For to be a Farmer’s Boy and Jack Mason’s BlueBoronic.

There is some more information about the presentation at the Panomino 2008 meeting which is coming up Sept. 3-7, 2008 in Friday Harbor, Washington State. For a list of the presentations go here.

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