MinutePhysics science videos

You never know where you’re going to get your next link to a science video. I found a reference to MinutePhysics science videos on a tweet from Michael Ausiello (editor of TVLine) about one of his publication’s articles. From the Dec. 22, 2011 article by Sheryl Rothmuller for TVLine,

Minute Physics Henry Reich’s weekly series serves up science in an easy-to-digest format that leaves you counting the days until the next episode is unleashed. Simple cartoon drawings and clear narration is the recipe for this informative (and fun!) webseries. In the latest installment, learn why neutrinos are the “vampires of physics.” Way better than watching the latest Twilight trailer for the 15th time.

Here’s the neutrino episode,

You can find the other 25 episodes here.

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