ISTP Canada, China, and your nanotech ambitions

ISTP Canada is the International Science and Technology Partnership [programme]. It’s a not-for-profit organization which somehow acts as an intermediary for collaborative economic efforts with India, China, and Brazil.  Short story: they have announced their 2008 Canada-China Call for Proposals for R&D Collaborations. It’s open to all Science & Technology projects but they are especially interested in: Agriculture Foods and Bio-products; Energy; Environment; and Health & Life Sciences/Biotechnology. Expressions of interest (EOI) have to be delivered by Monday, Sept. 15, 2008.  For more details, go here.

The whole approach is oriented to commercial applications and economic benefits. Their website mentions Brazil as the 3rd country of interest (initiatives of some type are slated for 2008/2009). Weirdly, there’s an Israeli flag at the top of the website pages, beside the China and India flags. There’s nothing on the home page or the About page or the Partners page that explains the presence of the Israeli flag. Intriguing, non?

I may be getting an interview with Martha Cook Piper whose appointment to the [Canada] National Institute of Nanotechnology was announced in April 2008.

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