New $15M electron microscope lands at McMaster University, Ontario

McMaster University (at their Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy) is the first post secondary institution in the world to get a new electron microscope which offers scientists the ability to see atoms in sharper detail than possible with other microscopes. The Titan 80-300 Cubed microscope was shipped from the Netherlands and received at the university in June 2008 and is available to researchers across the country. There are currently plans for projects such as developing more efficient batteries, looking at how air pollution particles damage lungs, and creating higher density memory storage. For more details you can see an Oct. 15, 2008 article in the Globe & Mail here (note: they put their articles behind a paywall shortly after they make them public) or you can try here (note: scroll down). I had no luck finding information on the McMaster site or on the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy. Finally, the most powerful electron microscope is owned by the US Department of Energy but unlike the one at McMaster it is not commercially available.

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