Transformation optics and RockSalt poetry

According to today’s (Oct. 17, 2008) issue of Science, there’s a new field called Transformation Optics. Vladimir M. Shalaev wrote the article which lays out an explanation referencing Einstein’s theory of general relativity where space and time are curved but applying the notion to curving light in arbitrary fashion. Shalaev also discusses some exciting applications including the invisibility cloaks that have been discussed in the blogosphere for the last while. The article titled “Transforming Light” is in the Perspectives section of the magazine. Note: It is behind a paywall. You can find more information about the article and proposed applications here.

The first anthology of BC poetry in 30 years, RockSalt, is being launched with readings from the anthology, which includes over 100 BC poets, on Oct. 23, 2008 at 7 pm at the Agro Cafe (1363 Railspur Alley) on Granville Island . The list of poets who’ll be reading selections on Thurs. (Oct. 23) includes: Heather Haley, Harold Rhenisch, Kate Braid, Mona Fertig, Kuldip Gill, etc.

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