Updates on Nanotech BC and Visible Verse

Dr. Jim Dangerfield will be talking about creating new products and new markets in the forestry sector at Nanotech BC’s Friday, November 7, 2008 breakfast meeting, from 8 am to 10 am at the Listel Hotel, 1300 Robson St., Vancouver. Dangerfield is the executive Vice President of FP Innovations and he will be highlighting nanotechnology breakthroughs and applications in as they pertain to pulp & paper, wood products, and “value-added” products.  Tickets are $25 + GST in advance and $30 + GST at the door. Pre- registration isn’t open yet but do check Nanotech BC’s website at www.nanotechbc.ca as it should be available soon.

Update of an update: It’s now possible to buy the tickets for Nanotech BC’s Nov. 7, 2008 event “Wood you believe it? Nanotechnology Transforms the Forest Products Sector. Go here for more details and to purchase tickets.

I just confirmed that Visible Verse the video poetry festival Heather Haley organizes is going to be on Thursday, November 6, 2008 starting at 7:30 pm at Pacific Cinematheque (1131 Howe St., Vancouver). The programme looks pretty interesting with heavy representation from Canada. There are some entries from the US, one from the UK, one from India, and one from Finland. There’ll be a live performance by BC poet, Susan Cormier. One of the video poetry highlights is a 30 minute piece by Henry Ferrinni based on Jack Kerouac’s classic (considered by some to be his masterpiece), Dr. Sax. You can’t get advance tickets yet but do keep an eye on Pacific Cinematheque’s website at http://www.cinematheque.bc.ca/index.html.

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