6 thoughts on “Nano online sites and blogs, best information sources according to research; nanotech journalism on AOL?

  1. inkbat

    Reminds me of that game of telephone we played as kids – where you whisper something in a person’s ear and it goes round the circle, becoming weirder and funnier as you go along. Presumably this Schneider bloke heard something and it got passed along ..
    Even if you can track the source information can get morph into something else, incidentally. I have reams of articles in my own area where I’ve read an article or a blog entry – which has seemed to me completely off the mark in terms of conclusions. Or, headline. Perhaps it’s innocent, perhaps not. Personally, I tend to be very very leery of secondary sources; even from peer reviewed journals – what you see is often determined by what you want to see. If that made sense.

  2. admin

    Hi Inkbat, One of the things that makes the internet/blogs/etc. so very helpful is that a better discussion and balance can be achieved. You and your colleagues can dig down into the materials in a way that would have been impossible even 10 years ago and you can publish without having to deal with institutions that don’t want to hear anything that threatens the current belief or, even, trend du jour. The ease of publication has its downside too but overall it does seem to lean to the dissemination of the best information we have at this time. Thanks for dropping by.

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