Pashmina fabrics saturated with nanotechnology-enabled anti-counterfeiting labels

A byword for luxury and elegance, Pashmina shawls are hugely expensive, highly coveted fashionwear consequently they present an opportunity for counterfeiters. Ishfaq-ul-Hassan’s Feb. 26, 2013 article for describes a nanotechnology-enabled anti-counterfeiting measure being undertaken,

You’ve got to hand it to technology. It is now proving handy in preserving the exclusivity of the famed handmade Kashmiri Pashmina shawls across the globe.

The exquisite Pashmina shawls will carry a secure fusion label (SFL) with an identity (ID) number that can be used by a buyer to check its genuineness anywhere in the world.

Robin Pagnamenta takes  a slightly different approach to the subject in a Feb. 27, 2013 article for The Times Asia,

It is among the most exquisite and expensive fabrics on earth, hand-spun from a few precious combs of wool collected in spring from the soft underbelly of the Himalayan mountain goat.

Only about 50,000 genuine pashminas are made in Kashmir every year. In stores in London and New York they can cost thousands of pounds each — making the potential rewards for dealing in counterfeits made from ordinary wool or cheap synthetic fibres highly lucrative.

The new tags, known as secure fusion labels, cannot be replicated or removed. The technology can withstand repeated washing and can only be read using a special pen.

Unfortunately neither article offers any technical details or information about the company or agency that has developed this nanotechnology-enabled anti-counterfeiting measure.

1 thought on “Pashmina fabrics saturated with nanotechnology-enabled anti-counterfeiting labels

  1. proplands

    It is a much needed measure to provide genuine quality and real Kashmir pashmina, there are many more mundane articles though. As and when the program is launched with selection of suppliers capable of comprehending the value proposition on global platform, it will ensure consumer trust in Brand and ownership, eventually benefiting the deprived artisans, who toil today for nothing. This will also eradicate the menace of fakes, duplicates and look alike products claiming to be ORIGINAL Pashmina. However, the onus is on implementer in J&K now to deploy a fail safe solution, capable of protecting the genuinity and identity of pashmina in global markets, apart from India.
    Kudos to innovations and pioneering efforts…!

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