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Making nanotechnology-enabled body parts

In my Aug. 2, 2011 posting, Body parts nano style, I mentioned a scaffolding, developed by Dr. Alex Seifalian, made of a biocomposite. Today’s (Aug. 16, 2011) news item on Nanowerk offers more information about the biocomposite,

The composite made from POSS® and PCU (Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane & Poly (carbonateurea) Urethane) had been developed by Dr. Alex Seifalian of the University College London Medical School. The effort has been so effective that Dr. Seifalian says he now has six more tracheas on order. … Moreover the composite scaffold can be transformed into a human artery, vein, heart valve, tear duct or trachea. It might in the future be used to make larynxes, noses, breasts, ears or other parts of the human body.

Hybrid has developed a platform technology called POSS® (Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane). It is a revolutionary new Nanotechnology based on silicon-derived building blocks that provide nanometerscale control to dramatically improve the properties of traditional polymers. They release no VOCs and, thereby, produce no odor or air pollution. They are biocompatible and recyclable. POSS® nanoscopic chemical technology provides unique opportunities to create revolutionary material combinations through a melding of the desirable properties of ceramics and polymers at the 1 nm length scale. These new combinations enable the circumvention of classic material performance trade-offs by exploiting the synergy and properties that only occur between materials at the nanoscale.

Yes, it’s a bit puffy with hype but that’s to be expected when the news item is released by the company, Hybrid Plastics, that produces at least part of the biocomposite (POSS®) used to create the scaffolding.