Webinar on 2011 European nanomaterials definition

Weds., March 21, 2012  at 1330 GMT (6:30 am PST), Dr Denis Koltsov will lead part one of a webinar on the European nanomaterials definition, which will be hosted by the company, NanoSight. According to the March 6, 2012 news item on Nanowerk,

NanoSight will host a webinar to look at the implications of this definition and how as a company with unique multi-parameter nanoparticle analysis is able to address these freshly defined characterization challenges. [sic]

The invited speaker is Dr Denis Koltsov, a leading international expert in nanotechnology legislation and control. Dr Koltsov serves on several UK governmental strategy committees as well as expert committees at BSI/ISO/CEN/OECD WPN and the Nanotechnologies Industries Association (NIA). He has conducted a number of industry-led consultations in the nanotechnology sector and reported to the relevant regulatory authorities. He operates BREC Solutions, a consultancy company in the field of nanotechnology innovation. Key to this is to act as an information source of nanotechnology regulation and standardisation. In his talk, he will examine the definition in detail and provide a thorough understanding of the document. Dr Koltsov will outline his views on the likely speed and scope of legislation.

Part two of the webinar at 1500 GMT (8 am PST) will feature (from the NanoSight webinar registration page),

NanoSight will present a practical draft solution to address a characterisation requirement of this definition, requiring as it does particle counting 10 to 100nm a combination of NTA and EM is proposed.

Here’s a little more about UK-based NanoSight (from the home page),

NanoSight visualizes, measures and characterizes virtually all nanoparticles. Particle size, concentration, aggregation and zeta potential can all be analyzed while a fluorescence mode provides speciation of labeled particles. NanoSight provides real time monitoring of the subtle changes in the characteristics of particle populations with all of these analyses uniquely confirmed by visual validation.

I also found some additional information about Denis Koltsov (from Koltsov’s webpage on  BREC Solutions website),

Born in Moscow (1976), Denis grew up in Paris. He speaks 3 languages. Denis graduated from Cambridge University in 1998 (BA and MSci in Physics) and followed up his research interests in Nanotechnology to graduate from Cambridge in 2002 with a PhD in Engineering. His constant interest for real-world problems brought him to Lancaster University where he worked up to 2009 as Lecturer in Nanotechnology. His consulting career started in 2005. In November 2007 Denis and his colleagues registered their own consulting company (BREC Solutions Limited). He is the Director and a Principal Consultant in BREC Solutions Limited.

I have some additional information about the European definition for nanomaterials in these postings, Nanomaterials definition for Europe, European nanomaterials definition not good enough, and  The French and others weigh in on the European nanomaterials definition (included here).

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