NanoQuébec sets up I-Nano, their version of an industrial dating service

I-Nano is an open web innovation platform but I like to think of it as an industrial dating service being operated by NanoQuébec (Canada). In any event, the project was announced May 2012 and has been successful according to the Sept. 19, 2012 news item on Azonano,

I-Nano was created to allow industrialists to submit technological challenges to the research community, find partners, discover avenues for solution, and be steered to the most suitable sources of financing. Phase 1 of this project dear to NanoQuébec generated considerable interest. In fact, over a period of 21 days, 58 industrial challenges were submitted to Quebec’s research community by 38 companies (including five from outside Quebec), 80% of which were SMEs.

Among the challenges presented by industrialists, we note the development of coverings limiting ice formation, anti-graffiti coverings, smart wear, filters for the purification of industrial liquids, and solutions designed to enhance the performance of solar sensors. The challenges published were viewed more than 4,500 times on the web platform. Overall, 80 researchers representing 27 teaching establishments and research centres proposed 130 solutions! Today, 27 projects with a total potential value of $8M are being carried out. Impressive results, particularly for a pilot phase!

The NanoQuébec Sept. 17, 2012 news release, which originated the news item, notes plans for the future,

Buoyed by this noteworthy success, NanoQuébec is now working on the implementation of I-Nano’s phase 2. The organization has concluded agreements with prestigious partners who will help make I-Nano the open innovation platform of choice across the country. In fact, it will be announcing the launch of this second phase within the coming weeks.

I was hoping for more details about this second phase but it’s good to know there’ll be more information about it soon. In the meantime, here’s the I-Nano webpage on the NanoQuébec website (English language version, you can switch to the French language version by clicking on Fr in upper right hand corner of the screen.

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