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Pricoil and nanotechnology-enabled products in Ghana

Pricoil Ghana received an award for African technology innovation from Frost & Sullivan in early November 2011. (Canada’s Vive Nano received a similar award [North American technology innovation] in 2010 as noted in my June 25, 2010 posting.) From the Nov. 18, 2011 news item on Modern Ghana.com,

Pricoil Ghana has won the African Infrastructure Chemicals and Materials Technology Innovation Award for the Year 2011 at the African Excellence Awards Banquet in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Award was in recognition of the company’s ability to leverage nanotechnology in the waterproofing industry.

“Nanotechnology is a relatively new technology in the global market and Pricoil’s introduction of the technology into the African market in Ghana is being recognized by this award,” a citation accompanying the award noted.

Frost and Sullivan, a Global Research Platform with over 50 years experience and the awardees said Pricoil Ghana had addressed some key industry challenges facing the continent through the use of their technology innovation strategies.

Frost and Sullivan, the awardees, indicated that products using solvents had been noted to contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which had been shown to have adverse effects on human health and the environment and could be harmful to people. Globally, there is a widespread movement toward the uptake of water based manufacturing processes, moving away from solvent based production.

Frost and Sullivan further stated that in the Ghana market, there were approximately 10 large companies involved in the supply of waterproofing material. The major products which are used in the market are touch on products such as bituminous material.

I got a little more information about the award from the Nov.3, 2011 news release from Frost & Sullivan,

Frost & Sullivan presented awards to thirteen innovators and industry leaders at its prestigious 2011 African Excellence Awards Banquet last night. The annual awards banquet, held at The Westin hotel, honoured companies for outstanding performance across a spectrum of industries, ranging from renewable energy to infrastructure, chemicals and materials, broadband, uninterruptible power supplies, data centres and private power production.

“Frost & Sullivan acknowledges exceptional industry achievements and demonstration of best practices by presenting awards to top companies in regional and global markets,” said Frost & Sullivan’s Operations Manager and Consulting Director for Africa, Hendrik Malan. “Awardees have demonstrated innovation, competitiveness and leadership in meeting the particular demands of doing business in Africa. The products and services that we recognise are examples of how to effectively manage business in the current economic climate.”

As for Frost & Sullivan itself (I always find the investigation of just who is giving the award interesting), I saw this in a Wikipedia essay,

Frost & Sullivan, Inc. is an American firm which provides market research & analysis, growth strategy consulting and corporate training services. Its headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas, with offices in over 20 countries across the world.

Congratulations to the folks at Pricoil.