Re-envisioning the laboratory: an art/sci or sci-art (take your pick) symposium

DFA186 Hades. 2012. Unique digital C-print on watercolor paper. Artist: Brandon Ballengee

DFA186 Hades. 2012. Unique digital C-print on watercolor paper. Artist: Brandon Ballengée

Artist (work seen above)/Biologist/Environmental Activist, Brandon Ballengée will be a keynote speaker at the Re-envisioning the Laboratory: Sci-Art Symposium being held at the University of Wyoming. Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 is for the evening reception while the symposium is being held Friday, Sept. 9 – Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016. You can read more about the symposium (the schedule is not yet complete) in a July 12, 2016 posting by CommNatural (Bethann G. Merkle) on her CommNatural blog,

I’m super excited to invite you to register for a Sci-Art Symposium I’ve been co-planning for the past year. The big idea is to bring together a wide-ranging set of ideas, examples, and thinkers/do-ers to build a powerful foundation for on-going SciArt synergy on the University of Wyoming campus, in Wyoming communities, and beyond. We’re organizing sessions around not just beautiful examples and great ideas, but also challenges and funding opportunities, with the intent to address not just what works, but how it works, what gets in the way, and how to move ahead with the SciArt initiatives you envision.

The rest of this blog post provides essential information about the symposium. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other organizers – there’s a slew of us from art and science disciplines across campus!

Hope to see you there!


The 2016 Sci-Art Symposium will provide a forum for inspiration, scholarly research, networking and opportunities to get the tools, methods and momentum to take on innovative interdisciplinary work across community, disciplinary, and topical boundaries. Sessions will be organized into five thematic categories: influences and opportunities, processes and methods, outcomes and products, challenges and opportunities, and next steps and future applications. Keynote address will feature artist-biologist Brandon Ballengée, and other sessions will feature presenters from throughout the nation.

Registration Fees:

$75  General Admission
$0    Full-time Student Admission (Only applicable to students enrolled in full-time schedule, may be asked for verification)

Click here for transportation and lodging information, on the event website.


If you have questions about your registration or if you need to cancel your attendance, please contact Katie Christensen, Curator of Education and Statewide Engagement, at or 307-766-3496.

Re-envisioning the Lab: 2016 Sci-Art Symposium is made possible by University of Wyoming Art Museum, in partnership with the Biodiversity Institute, Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Art and Art History, Science and Math Teaching Center and MFA in Creative Writing.

I’m a little surprised that the US National Science Foundation is not one of the funders. In fact, most, if not all, of the funders are part of the University of Wyoming.

As to whether there is a correct form: artsci or sciart; art/sci or sci/art; sci-art or art-sci; SciArt or ArtSci, and whether the terms refer to the same thing or two different approaches to bringing together art and science in a project, I have no idea. Perhaps they’ll discuss terminology at the symposium.

One final thought, since they don’t have the final schedule nailed down, perhaps it’s possible to submit a proposal for a talk or entry for a sciart piece. Good luck!

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