Shapeshifting cars and NanoQuebec adds a CEO

Shades of Knight Rider and KITT! BMW announced a shapshifting car (more details here) yesterday. They don’t specifically mention nanotechnology but it’s hard to imagine how else they might accomplish their aims. I’ve read (skimmed) their seven page press release which has subheads like this “The interior: discourse between driver and vehicle.” (That doesn’t make sense unless the car is talking to you as it does in the tv series Knight Rider and there’s no mention of that capability.) It’s the “GINA Light Visionary Model” and It has some sort of fabric skin which is flexible and seems to be a replacement for the standard metal covering. Lots of hyperbole and excitement, very little detail.

NanoQuebec announced the appointment of  its first president and CEO, Dr. Robert Crawhall. His background is in telecommunications. More details here.

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