Canada Science and Technology Museum to reopen in November 2017

It’s been along time coming but the opening of the refurbished and mould-free Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) is coming up in November 2017, some 150 days away. Here’s more from  the CSTM’s june 20, 2017 announcement page,

The New Canada Science and Technology Museum

June 20, 2017 marks 150 days until the new Canada and Science Technology Museum opens!

The Museum will open its doors to the public at 9 a.m. EST on November 17, 2017.  Visit the Museum for an entirely new, immersive heritage experience, including completely redesigned exhibits, a demo stage, and more artifacts on view than ever before.

1967 to 2017

  • The first Museum opened in November 1967 for Canada`s Centennial. In 2017, nearly 50 years to the day, the Museum is opening for Canada`s sesquicentennial!
  • The original Museum was heralded as unique for its emphasis on visitor participation and avoiding “do not touch signs”. Like the 1967 Museum, the new Canada Science and Technology Museum will be interactive, immersive, and fun!

Be there on November 17, 2017 to experience the new Canada Science and Technology Museum!

There’s an introductory video,

The CSTM provides more information on its ‘museum renewal’ page,

When it reopens, it will feature over 7,400 m2 (80,000 sq. ft.) of new exhibition space, including an 850 m2 (9,200 sq. ft.) temporary exhibition hall to accommodate travelling exhibitions from around the world.

The Museum will have five main galleries:

  • Creating and Using Knowledge;
  • Children’s Gallery;
  • Moving and Connecting, which will include the beloved locomotives;
  • Technology in our Lives;
  • Transforming Resources.

Additionally, to better showcase the Museum’s magnificent collection, there will be Artifact Alley, which will introduce Augmented Reality to Museum visitors. Visitor favourite the Crazy Kitchen will also be part of the renewed Museum, as well as a demonstration stage, classrooms and maker space.

After more than three years (see my June 12, 2015 posting; the first paragraph notes the museum has been shut since Sept. 2014), the Canada Science and Technology Museum finally reopens its doors on November 17, 2017. It would be nice for those of us who are don’t live in Ottawa if the CSTM organized some online events so we can participate.

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