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Canada, India, and nanotechnology Part 2

Darren Frew, Executive Director for the Nanotech BC, kindly answered some questions about the Aug. 10 – 11, 2008 meeting held between Indian scientists and Canadian scientists at the [Canada] National Institute of Nanotechnology in Edmonton. Here is the second half of the interview (first half was posted on Friday, Sept. 26, 2008).

You organized the Cascadia Nano Symposium in March this year and I’m wondering if you’re thinking of inviting some Indian scientists to the next one (assuming you are organizing another one).

The Indian scientists I met in August will be invited to the 2009 Cascadia Nanotechnology Symposium, which will be held in late April or early May, 2009

Are there any similarities in the nanotech funding situation between Canada and India? (I’ve seen reports that India spends between $7M and $10M per year on nanotechnology funding. I haven’t seen any information about Canadian spending other than the odd report about a specific grant.)

There are similarities between the funding situation for nanotech in India and Alberta in that both jurisdictions are making strategic investments of several million dollars

How does the research approach to nanotechnology differ between Canadian and Indian nanoscientists? Or are the approaches similar?

There is a much more of a nationally co-ordinated research effort in India.  For example, the Indian Institute of Technology co-ordinates the overall nanotech research effort at the several office it has throughout the country. There is no such national coordination in Canada.

What are the advantages to a collaboration between Canadian and Indian nanoscientists?

Many Canadian  researchers and business people are form India or have roots there, so collaborations with India are both desirable and easy for them.  Also, much of the research being undertaken in India is complimentary to R&D being conducted here in Canada.

Thanks Darren and It sounds like  the 2009 Cascadia Nanotechnology Symposium holds some exciting potential. It’s a bit surprising that the scientists didn’t have a stop in BC since (as Darren points out albeit in a different context) there are many connections between BC and India.

I still haven’t received any confirmation of the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies webcast (Nanotechnology? Synthetic Biology? Hey, What’s That?) which is supposed to take place tomorrow. I’ll update the blog if I get a confirmation or cancellation notice. (update) They now list tomorrow’s webcast on the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies website.

Canada, India, and nanotechnology Part 1

I mentioned a while back that there was a meeting with scientists from India and Canada at the National Institute of Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta on Aug. 10 and 11, 2008. It was the one meeting they had in the west and Darren Frew, Nanotech BC‘s Executive Director, kindly answered questions about the meeting.

Did I get the following right?

Canada and India have a nanotech agreement to work together on some projects (recently announced)…there is funding available for this…based on this agreement, a group of Indian scientists came on a country-wide tour of Canada and met some of our nanoscientists…it was a 10 day trip with most of the stops in Eastern Canada…there was one meeting in Western Canada, held Aug. 10-11, 2008 in Edmonton at the [Canada] National Institute of Nanotechnology…

There is a working agreement on science & technology in general, not nanotech specifically

Here are the questions

Who was at the Edmonton meeting?

There were 10 visiting scientists from India, most of who are affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology, approximately 20 people from NINT, The University of Alberta (U of A), The Alberta government and companies that have spun off from the U of A. Dr. Peyman Servati from UBC (University of British Columbia) and I were the only BC reps.

Was there some solid discussion about collaborating on future project or was it more a ‘getting to know you’ situation for everyone involved?

There was very sound discussion regarding collaboration, in fact, an agreement was signed between the National Physics Laboratory in New Delhi and one of the Edmonton-based ‘spinoff’ companies.

What kinds of projects will come out of the Aug. 10-11, 2008 meeting? or if there weren’t any specific commitments made, what areas do you see as having the most potential for future collaboration?

See above

Will there be future visits from Indian scientists?

Almost certainly

Is there a possibility they’ll come to BC on their next official Canada tour (if there is one)?


On Monday I’ll have the rest of the Q & A including some info. about the 2009 Cascadia Nanotech Symposium and the differences and similarities between nanotech funding in Canada and India.

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