2 thoughts on “Outreach statistics and more in the July 2014 issue of the the Nano Bite (from the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network)

  1. susan

    Great post, Maryse – as always the sunscreen nano issue one that I zero in on. As you know, I’ve been using nano (Sisley) sunscreens for close to a decade and have had zero problems. This, for me, is a major deal as I have highly allergic skin and eczema. Ironically, I bought one of the new, broad spectrum chemical ones (spray – Neutrogena) billed as appropriate for “sensitive skin”. First the smell gave me a headache then, as the product sank into the skin my hands started to sting and turn bright red. I scrubbed it off but the problem with chemical sunscreens is that the absorption rate; once they’re on they’re hard to get off. Versus the zinc oxide ones that actually sit on the skin.
    The point your man makes about your skin acing as a barrier is immunologically sound: the skin is actually your largest immune organ, acting as a border – for want of a better word – between you and the external environment. Without your skin keeping “you” intact … well, in theory there would be no you since you would simply morph into whatever you came into contact with (bacteria, viruses .. )
    Weird but true. cheers, s

  2. Maryse de la Giroday Post author

    Hi Susan! Nice to see you back here. And, yes it is weird to think of just morphing into whatever you come into contact with (sorry for the awkward phrasing). Your story about the problems you experienced with a conventional sunscreen highlights at least one of Andrew’s points in the video and serves as a good reminder (I’m sorry you had to go through that unpleasant experience with the Neutrogena product) one needs to test everything, nano, conventional, natural, organic, etc. I assume you’re back to Sisley 100% of the time, eh? Cheers, Maryse

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