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Rapping science

Baba Brinkman, the Canadian science rapper [ETA: Brinkman is really a rapper of diverse interests who also raps about science] has a new album, The Rap Guide to Human Nature. I found out about it thanks to David Bruggeman at Pasco Phronesis who offers some additional insight (and a video clip from the latest album),

Like with The Rap Guide to Evolution, this project emerged from the inquiry of a scientist. David Buss, author of Evolutionary Psychology, suggested the idea to Brinkman after listening to his Darwin album (Buss, along with others, shows up in a track). This album deals with five different hypotheses for human origins and behavior: creationism, spiritualism, social constructivism, biological determinism and evolutionism.

I found this clip of an earlier  ‘evolution’ performance,

Brinkman is currently at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival presenting his new album. I took a look at the schedule on his website  hoping to see a Vancouver, Canada performance scheduled. No such luck even though he lives here.